UGCC 1.91 Update Released

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UGCC 1.91 Update Released

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Sorry for how long this update took. RCON graceful shutdowns was more involved than I had anticipated, but there's quite a few new things in this update and I hope the wait was worth it.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the EzUGCC web server service to crash.
  • FTPS encryption support for integrated FTP server (auth TLS).
  • You can now set how long the gracefully shutdown delay is for servers that require graceful delays as well as customize the messages seen in game.
  • You can now prevent users from entering folders by placing a file named ugcc.exclude in the directory. The panel's file tool and integrated FTP server honor this, if you're using a third party FTP server they'll likely still be accessible by end users.
  • Added Dark and Light support
  • Fix for some API commands not honoring admin accounts in some situations.
  • Changes to server settings are now logged
  • Added drop down menu buttons with save/save new/delete items to the top of the server settings page
  • Fix for multiple file edit windows being opened in multiple tabs and contents being saved to the wrong file
  • TincyMCE updated
We've also released an EzUGCC for Linux. It is a bootable ISO that installs Linux and the panel.

You'll need to generate a ssl certificate for encrypted FTP. There is a known issue with the encrypted FTP server and clients that use gnuTLS (namely filezilla). Other clients are not affected. More info on these if available in the FTP page of the documentation.

You can download the updates in the download section.
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