UGCC 1.94 Update

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UGCC 1.94 Update

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Quality of life fixes requested by users, bug fixes, and performance tweaks in this update.
  • Fixed Squad and Ark queries showing incorrect player counts
  • SQL query optimizations on main menu and server specific page
  • Console and RCON tool now use mono-spaced fonts
  • Added graceful shutdown support for GMOD
  • Listservers API command now works for non-admin users
  • Active user sessions are now terminated when the account is deleted or disabled
  • Only 'god' level accounts can now use SQL query admin tool
  • Only 'god' level accounts can bypass the folder exclusion feature of the panel and FTP server (previously admin level users were able to bypass)
  • Color and icon theme changed for disabled servers on main menu to be more easily discernible from stopped servers
  • Added option on Edit Server page button drop down to list all settings on one page
  • Added restart option in tools drop down for running servers on the main menu page
Linux users, you may have to install the liberation mono fonts package (due to the font change) if you get an error message when accessing the console or RCON tool pages. If you continue to get an error please contact us.

Download in the download section.
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