UGCC 1.95 Update Released

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UGCC 1.95 Update Released

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Ultimate Game Server Control Center 1.95 has been released. Includes new features and fixes.
  • Added new game type for Gary's Mod that supports graceful shutdowns, the original game type will not try to do graceful shutdowns.
  • Monitor now requires .net 4.0
  • FTP over SSL now follows RFC and work with Filezilla (Fix only works when monitor is hosted on Windows; still investigating Linux side).
  • Added admin notes feature, allows admins to leave notes about servers that are only visible to other admins
  • Added game server queries to API
  • List servers API call now works for normal users
  • RCON tool now also shows console tool output
  • Some UI clean up
  • Increased timeout on main menu for game server status queries
The monitor was upgraded to .Net 4.0 to support the FTPS changes. Windows user will just need to ensure .net 4.0 is installed. Linux users may have to switch to using mono-service instead of mono-service2. Please post in the forums if you run into issues.

Download in the download section.
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