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Scrappier tool

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This tool allows you to capture console output of an application/server to a log file so that you can use it with the capture console output tool in the panel.

Please note the application that scrappier is supposed to capture output of needs to be a true console based application. I will not work on servers that use a graphical UI.

Released in the Tools folder starting with UGCC 2.13 for both EzUGCC and manual install packages.

Place scrappier.exe in the same folder as your game executable. In UGCC change the server settings to launch scrappier and then your command line would be the executable and the command line options for the server you want to run.

Server executable: c:\some\program.exe
Command line: server map 2 ip=xxxx port=xxx etc

With scrappier
Server executable: c:\some\scrappier.exe
Command line: "c:\some\program.exe" server map 2 ip=xxxx port=xxx etc

Also set the pid file setting for the server to (example): %ServerWD%\
Then you can set your console log file setting to (example): %ServerWD%\console.log

Scappier will create a log file as well in the folder it's located in that you can refer to if you run into problems. Also review the log tool in the admin menu for troubleshooting if need be.
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