Searching for TBBS manuals or documentation

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Searching for TBBS manuals or documentation

Post by spike »

Hi there. I am a media archaeologist and have been attempting to get an installation of TBBS running. I stumbled upon this forum and wanted to ask for your help, since there's very little of this information available from or Googling around.

I have a virtual DOS machine and a functional, barebones installation of TBBS running on it. Customizing the board is my next step, and I need to learn how to manage the board, create menus, install plugins, etc.

Somewhere, someone must have a copy of the documentation for TBBS/TDBS. I can see that there are archives of the forum where these documents used to be hosted, but they're long gone, and archive never kept a copy of the PDFs, only the pages that link to them.

Does anyone have a copy of the full user manual or even partial archives of the TBBS documentation they can share?

Thanks very much!

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Re: Searching for TBBS manuals or documentation

Post by Masher »

They appear to still be available here: ... th=%2Fdocs

They're for 2.2, but probably fine.
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