UGCC 2.384 Released

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UGCC 2.384 Released

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Due to a packaging issue, the previous release (2.383) was not the correct 2.383 version. Re-releasing those updates and a couple more as 2.384.
  • Game server queries from menu page timeout increased to 500 ms from 250 ms to allow remote nodes more time to reply to status queries
  • Updated German translations by Venta Gaming (thank you!)
  • Minor GUI bugs/typos fixed
  • Link added to auto installer quick start guide in getting started message shown when no servers are found on main menu page
  • If the offline field is null for the default server definition it will not show in the Automated Installer's New Server Installer page. A quick visit to the installer check page will fix this.
  • Gracefully handle errors using the server template import feature
No database changes required.

Grab the update in the Downloads area.

We're also releasing a new EzUGCC 4 Linux image based on Centos 8. We've still got a little more testing to do, but expect it soon. If you'd like to test it please let us know.
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