UGCC 2.40 Released

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UGCC 2.40 Released

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New features, auto installer improvements and more were added with this update.
  • New Re-Install tool, allows users to reinstall their game server.
  • New File tool
  • New Delete Server & Files and Reinstall options added to Server Administration Page
  • Fixed game type online update preview not working on Linux servers
  • Installer tool will try SteamCMD up to five times when updating cache.
  • If SteamCMD returns an error after 5 attempts the installer cancels the install. The old behavior was to continue which could leave the cached files in a improper state.
  • Installer templates now allow specifying a program to run to update cache for non SteamCMD games, or allow you more granularity with SteamCMD games.
  • Added a filter option to user management page to make finding users simpler
  • Fix for integrated FTP server not allowing renaming of directories
  • Some minor GUI updates
The re-install feature will allow customers (and admins of course) to reinstall their game servers if they were setup with the automated installer. More information is available in UGCC's documentation area.

You may download the update in the Downloads area.
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