UGCC 2.402 Released

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UGCC 2.402 Released

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2.402 contains mainly bug fixes, but brings about some Auto Installer improvements and API fixes.
  • Auto installer will now overwrite game type of server template with the game type defined in the installer config.
  • Fixed a bug with auto installer pre and post executable commands if they didn't contain a command line argument.
  • Payment reminder system can now be disabled if not needed or using a billing tool to manage payments
  • Server list preview now correctly shows all servers a user has access to instead of just the servers they are the owner of.
  • Handle API requests for non-existing servers better
  • WHMCS provisioning module 1.2 released that fixes some bugs, improves error handling
  • WHMCS provisioning module 1.2 doesn't disable a user's account when terminating a product any longer, just the server.
  • Allow passing a reason for API's Disable Server command
  • Cleaned up some spurious log messages and consolidated others into a single log entry
  • Handful of other UI fixes and updates.
Database update required.

Grab the updates in the UGCC download area.
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