UGCC 2.461 Released

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UGCC 2.461 Released

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A handful of new features with this one.
  • Allow web panel to operate with a server definition other than '1'. This allows you to run multiple web panels on different hosts using the same database.
  • Can now define an alternate new server install location for each server definition for auto installer, and API was expanded to take advantage of this.
  • New location groups feature. Server definitions can now be part of multiple locations. This allows more flexibility in targeting a group of servers with the auto installer.
  • You can now limit the number of servers the auto installer will deploy to each server definition
  • You may now assign extras to all servers
  • Added option to specify additional command line arguments for the SteamCMD workshop updater (In general config)
  • Monitor can now shutdown servers on node shutdown (Windows) or for Linux when the monitor is stopped. Experimental and disabled by default for now.
  • Monitors will now reset any of their queued jobs in the working state to error state on startup
  • Routine that processes variables will now cache data for 5 seconds, should improve responsiveness a bit
  • Added server menu filter to filter by game types
  • Server menu filter options are remembered in session state and should stick until logoff or are reset
  • Updated return buttons to look at request parameters for which server to return to
  • Added return buttons to RCON tool and user log tool pages
  • Added a simple menu toggle in Server menu filter area of settings page that limits the columns shown on server menu. Should drop a cookie and be remembered for subsequent logins, makes it more usable on mobile.
  • Various other bug fixes
WHMCS provisioning module version 1.5 was also released to leverage the new server install location feature.

You may grab this update from the downloads area.
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