Server move feature

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Server move feature

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The sever move feature allows you to move game servers from one node to another node and was introduced in version 2.48.

While moving game servers from one platform to another (i.e. Linux to Windows, etc.) are supported, it's best to move servers between similar platforms.

The moved server will obviously have a different IP and will be assigned the first available set of ports that meet the rules of the game type. You may change these after the server is moved.

Server move workflow:
  • A backup of the server is created and imported on the new destination
  • The auto installer will proceed as usual
  • Files from the old server will be copied to the new server
  • Configuration files generated as part of the installer config are generated
  • The old configuration files will be renamed with a random string appended to the file name
  • When moving to a different platform, install files will be recopied as platform specific files may have been overwritten when copying files from old node.
  • Once the move is complete the new server will be assigned the old server's ID so that group permissions, extras, etc will be retained
  • The old server will receive a random ID and will be set to a disabled state.
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