UGCC 2.482 Released

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UGCC 2.482 Released

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Included in this release are a new server move feature, bug fixes, and general improvements.
  • Added ability to move game servers between remote monitors
  • Added API command to synch utility cache
  • New web.config setting, remotetimeout, that allows you to specify an additional amount of time for remote panels to connect to remote monitors before timing out.
  • Fixed a workshop collection import issue
  • Fixed some errors from remote nodes not showing in panel correctly
  • %JavaHome% variable resolution improvements
  • Allow hiding servers from the main menu
  • Show warning in Panel's footer when maintenance mode is active
  • When maintenance mode is activated, any logged in users will be logged out
  • Updated API call for server install to accept a location ID
  • Installer log tool improvements
  • Improvements to the 'Queue Job (All)' Report tool's generation time
  • Fixed Server Definition Report coloring issue
  • Fixed graceful shutdown not processing variables correctly if used in server's RCON Password field
  • Added image for Project Zomboid
  • Other various small fixes and updates
Please see the Server Move Documentation for more details on this new feature.

For more details on the new remote panel Web.config setting 'remotetimeout' please see the Documentation for Remote Panels.

You may obtain this update from the downloads area.
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