UGCC 2.50 Released

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UGCC 2.50 Released

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Included in this release are new features, bug fixes, and general improvements.
  • New Smart PID Finder feature that eliminates the need for PID files
  • Integrated FTP server can now throttle uploads and downloads
  • Fixed an issue where starting a server through the broker would cause it to not register with the panel even though it started
  • Updated source based queries to work with various games requiring challenges for a2s_info queries (i.e. L4D2 and Ark)
  • Added support for running commands when deleting servers
  • Added a job queue clear button to reset jobs stuck in the queue
  • Fixed hidden servers being shown to users
  • Improved error handling when executing extras
  • Some tweaks to help users whom are color blind
  • Added Executable variable
  • Quake World query protocol support
  • Tweaks to PVPGN query's max players
  • Updated TinyMCE editor
  • Updated SQLite module
Please see the Smart PID Search Documentation for more details on this new feature.

You may obtain this update from the downloads area.
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