UGCC 1.34 Released

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UGCC 1.34 Released

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What's new?
--Added RCON tool support for CoD (Call of Duty 2/4/5) series games
--Complete UI overhaul
--All items are now themed with css stylesheet
--Removed all image buttons
--New and improved navigation
--New 'Last Server' link that takes you back to the last server management page you visited
--When deleting a user account, the panel now will re-assign any of the user's servers to the default admin account instead of deleting the user's servers
--Panel now looks for 7z in logs folder instead of 7za (linux)
--Panel now correctly handles archives with spaces in the file tool on linux
--Added download option to the file tool. Max file size that users can download can be set in the global configuration.
--Added new gameserver type, hl1 (old query), that works with old goldsrc games like Opposing force

If you are using the EzUGCC upgrade, please see this post, otherwise the new menu will not work.

You can get it in the downloads area.
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