UGCC 1.58 Update Released

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UGCC 1.58 Update Released

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New features and fixes:
  • Fixed issue with ARMA 2 queries if mapname/game type was null
  • The delay between server restarts on boot is now configurable via the monitor's config file
  • Scheduled server restarts can now be scheduled on the 10s of each hour
  • Automatic server restarts can delay a restart if players are on the server. The monitor will check every 10 minutes and restart the server when the player count is below the configured min player count setting
  • Minimum player count setting was moved from update to monitoring tab in server administration since the same setting is used for automated updates and restarts
  • Added new API command, ‘restartempty’ that restarts the game server as soon as it’s below the specified minimum player count
  • Broker will now prompt to be ran elevated if UAC is enabled
  • Broker no longer requires .net framework 4
  • User passwords are now encrypted
  • If a server is currently updating, the main menu and manage page will show the server status as 'Updating' now
  • Admins without the 'god' flag cannot change any setting of admin accounts with the 'god' flag
  • Added two more variables for each server
  • Variables can now be marked public, and can be edited by the server owner and any other user with the edit commandline permissions on the server. See the variables page for more info
  • Added two new layouts to the server image tool: 350x20 and 160x82
  • Added 20 new solid color textures for the server image tool
  • Fixed an issue where the panel wouldn't import a template if it was edited outside of the panel
  • Updated Sqlite
  • Updated tiny-mce
Please make a backup of your database before upgrading. There are numerous and extensive changes to the database with this update.

The configurable delay between server restarts will allow you to set the time (in seconds) the monitor will pause in between starting each game server when the server is rebooted. The setting, [firstbootpause], is adjustable from the monitor's config file. If you have an existing install and want to change the default value; you'll have to add the new setting and value into ugccmon.cfg manually. Previous versions of the panel waited 10 seconds, and that will be the new default setting.

Starting with this release the Manual install package will now be released as a 7zip (.7z) archive. It's a thirld of the size of the .zip archive we used to publish. You can use 7-zip from to decompress the archive. 7-zip is free, open source, and supports just about all the archive types out there. I'm a huge fan.

As usual grab the update in the downloads area and let us know if you run into any issues.
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