UGCC 1.772 Released

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UGCC 1.772 Released

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What's new:
  • Added Killing Floor 2 support
  • Added telnet RCON support for 7 Days to Die servers
  • Added graceful shutdown for 7 Days to Die servers
  • Added support for VCMP
  • Added ability to restart servers every X hours to the automated restart system
  • Improved RCON support for Rust Experimental (commands return text now)
  • If resource monitoring is enabled and thresholds are set to a zero value the monitor now ignores them
  • Large amount of translation updates
  • Added Turkish and Indian to supported languages
  • Panel's query page will now look for and use an image based off of game type name if an image with the current map name is not found
  • Improved layout of main menu page
  • Communications with remote nodes utilizes HMAC to prevent replay attacks and provide authentication
  • Added another banner size for server images
  • File tool will now open files opened by another process (I.e. log files opened by a server process)
  • File tool now works with UTF8 encoded files
  • Improved UI of file tool
  • Fixed not being able to kill update process if variables were being used
  • Added Window's form based broker; for servers that don't open in their own window when using the console based broker

EzUGCC installer updates
  • Updated installer
  • Added administrative tab for starting/stopping services, and edit configuration files
  • New installs can now select desired database type (SQLite or MySQL)
  • Add option to enable or disable FTP server and specify FTP port for new installs
The updates are available in the downloads secion.
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