UGCC 2.382 Released

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UGCC 2.382 Released

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Increased auto installer reliability, new API command, other small bug fixes accompany this update.

Buy one get one free special offer to celebrate the release of the auto installer until the end of October!. Purchase a license and get an additional license for free, or extend the license duration. This is a manual process and we'll contact you after purchase to confirm what you'd like to do.
  • Installer will retry commands if they fail up to three time with remote nodes
  • Fixed Windows based auto installer config files not being generated correctly under Linux, you may need to reimport/edit Windows based installer configs if hosting Web Panel on Linux
  • Added new server status 'Installing' indicating a server is being installed via the auto installer system
  • Installer ID used for deployment of a server is saved with the server info, this will allow for easier reinstalls (not implemented just yet)
  • Catch query errors on main menu, so a problem in a query won't prevent the entire server menu from being rendered
  • Added statusall API command
  • Added a test exception button on Admin Info page to test that exceptions work as expected under Linux
Users on Linux using the auto installer and Windows installer configs with config files will need to repair the config files. The simplest way is probably to go through your configs, click update on all your Windows based installer configs. The panel will create empty files with the proper path. Overwrite the newly created, zero sized files with the original.

Database update required and all components will need to be updated.

Grab the update in the Downloads area.
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