UGCC 2.41 Released

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UGCC 2.41 Released

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2.41 contains a couple of bugfixes, a couple of new features and an API addition.
  • Fix for a monitor crash when transferring large files with integrated FTP server
  • Updated French translation (Thanks Blaizz!)
  • Fixed servers being shown twice on menu page if logged in user is owner and also had group permissions to a server
  • Handle expired query cache information more gracefully in Main Menu if it expires while being processed
  • Users can set the min player count setting for restarts/updates on ugcc.aspx page now
  • Hide payment reminder text on server management page if payment reminder system is disabled
  • Added the ability to delete a user and all of their servers from user management page
  • Disabled user accounts now show a strike through text effect on the main menu
  • Extended disable server API to disable a user's account if they no longer have any enabled servers in the panel (pass o2=1 to API call)
  • Message shown to users when redirected to the news page after login is translatable.
  • WHMCS module version 1.3 released to take advantage of disabling a user's account when they no longer have any enabled servers and re-enable account if a product is added later
Due to the FTP bug fixed in this release, it's recommended to update if you rely on the integrated FTP server.

Grab the updates in the UGCC download area.
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