Steam Workshop Mod Installer Tool

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Steam Workshop Mod Installer Tool

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This tool allows users to define the IDs for workshop mods they would like to have installed/updated. This feature was introduced in UGCC 2.42.

Mods can be installed/updated manually and the panel can be configured to automatically update mods after a manual and/or automatic update aswell.

The Game Type for the server must have three fields setup.
  • Workshop Support checkbox selected
  • Steam APP ID entered
  • Mod Installation Path setting (a relative path from server root)
The panel will append the server's root path value with the mod install path and name of mod 'as is' unless the %DirName% variable is encountered. If the %DirName% variable is encountered the panel will use the path as entered replacing the variable with the name of the Mod ID. For example to prefix a mod folder with an '@' you could use a mod installation path value of '/addons/mod/@%DirName%'.

Non admin users/sub-users will need update privileges (update tool enabled) to be able to add/remove mods. Server owners have this default if the update tool is enabled and allowed for use by owner.

A web update of game types will update these settings as we post them. If you notice an omission or errors please contact us.

  • A user will click Mod Installer button on the server's management page
  • On the Mod Installer page they may add/remove IDs for workshop items (the page contains various links including a link to the steam workshop page for the server's game type)
  • Items can be installed/updated one at a time or all at once
  • Deleting an item will also delete it from the server
  • Clicking install/update causes the panel to download the workshop item using SteamCMD, then copies the mod to the mod installation path defined for the game type.
SteamCMD User
If the server has an installer config associated with it (i.e. it was deployed with the auto installer), the steam username and password in the installer config is used for the mod download. Otherwise the anonymous user is used.

SteamCMD Timeouts
The panel will monitor the download and if a timeout occurs when downloading a large mod, the panel will restart the update with validate to ensure it's completes up to 5 times. The output from the mod updates/installs is viewable using the reports tool and 'Status' view on mod installer page for servers.

Workshop save location
Workshop items are saved to the server definition's Cache folder, with workshop appended. I.e. C:\ugcc\cache\workshop\steamapps\workshop\content\<app_id>\<mod_id>. This will speed up subsequent runs for other servers and users. This folder may become large and may need occasional pruning, and will not hurt anything.

The workshop mod installer uses the queue system. If a job seems to become hung, you can try restarting the monitor; or using the following in the SQL tool to reset the queue tasks.

Code: Select all

update queue set status=2 where status=1
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