UGCC 2.431 Released

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UGCC 2.431 Released

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New Steam Workshop Mod Installer feature, Valheim graceful shutdown support, other fixes and improvements in this release.
  • Steam workshop mod installer and updater
  • Valheim graceful shutdown support
  • Added option to update mods with servers
  • Server Extras now have separate entries for Linux and Windows binary and command line options so one extra works on both Windows and Linux (current settings will be copied to both settings so they will continue to work as expected).
  • Monitor is now tolerant of a range of database versions if it doesn't affect it's operation
  • Fixed an issue with database purge feature in General Configuration that cleans and optimizes database
  • Improved Report Tool --> Queue Report (all) report
  • Less logging from API tool (should improve API performance and fill up logs slower)
  • Fixed a few untranslated entries on File Tool page
  • Fixed server and player utilization line graphs for locales that don't use '.' for a decimal symbol
  • Added a 'Return' button to all user accessible server tool pages
Please ensure you perform a Game type update!

More details about the mod installer are available at viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2146

A database update is required for this update and all monitors will need to be updated.

Valheim graceful shutdown support enables the panel to save the game world of the game server before shutting down the game server and prevents any data loss.

You may grab this update from the downloads area.
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