UGCC 2.472 Released

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UGCC 2.472 Released

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This release contains new features and bug fixes.
  • Auto-installer utility cache folder that is synchronized amongst nodes when a auto install is started, can be targeted with the %Utility% variable
  • Ability to run extras when stopping a server
  • File tool honors max download and max file edit size settings in appropriate places
  • Download icon added to file tool's action area
  • FTP server and File Tool support a global file block list to prevent download or upload of certain files
  • Per-server file allow list to override global file block list
  • FTP server improvements that should improve responsiveness of panel's File Tool with remote nodes
  • Added ability to automatically delete servers after being disabled for a configurable amount of time
  • Added option to allow admins to see/traverse folders with ugcc.exclude files
  • Added an option to only allow 'god' level admins to delete servers
  • Time zone shown to users in auto restart options (shows time zone of relevant monitor that would handle the restarts)
  • New server resource report in Report Tool shows CPU, RAM utilization
  • New game server report in Report Tool shows details about servers including potential issues
  • Added a kill button to Extras Tool page to allow admins to stop an extra process
  • TinyMCE will use dark mode when using an included theme that is dark
  • Show server's friendly name in File Tool
  • Don't count dependent servers when determining where to place a new game server with auto-installer
  • Numerous SQL query optimizations
  • Ability to disable monitor's FTP logging
  • Fixed an issue with FiveM RCON Tool
  • Fixed an issue where new sub user accounts didn't have a theme set
  • Panel and monitors now use SQL connection pooling
  • Updated TinyMCE
More information about the auto-installer's utility cache is available in the documentation.

You may obtain this update from the downloads area.
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