UGCC Update 1.32

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UGCC Update 1.32

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What's new:
--Servers now automatically start after the update tool finishes
--Better error handling for file tool and file edit tool
--Added support for sqlite databases to replace oledb which brings an embedded database option to Linux
--Added pid file support (teamspeak on linux should now work)
--Windows 7 compatible
--Linux users: copy the wwwpanel-linux-bins folder in the deploy archive over the WWWPanel folder when you install

--Upgraded apache server
--Will now prompt to run as an administrator if UAC is enabled

All available in the Downloads section.

What's next? We are going to overhaul the UI. We realize it's not the greatest. We'll are also going to implement sub-user accounts. This will allow your users to create accounts themselves to give to clanmates/friends/etc. with customizable permissions for the servers belonging to them.
Please do not PM me unless asked to! We are a small company. If you have an issue or question it would be best to post it in the forums where it can help others in the future.

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