UGCC 1.36 Update Released

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UGCC 1.36 Update Released

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1.36 is now available for download. Some new stuff and fixes....

--Added BF2 and basic Murmur (aka mumble) query support
--Added RCON tool for Half Life 1
--The output of the Update Tool is now stored in the database and shown in the update tool page
--Added a Notify button to the user management page that will send an email to the new user with the site URL and the user's username/password
--Added a bulk server management tool. You can now start/stop/restart/disable/enable/update multiple servers with one click
--Updated the dark themed CSS style sheet
--Updated WYSIWYG html editor, MySQL engine, FTP engine
--Other small tweaks

What's coming in the next update?
--Will focus on redoing the main menu page (menu.aspx).

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