UGCC 1.40 Released

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UGCC 1.40 Released

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Version 1.40 has been released. Mainly a bug and security update.

-Crash fix in server queries
-Timeout fix when starting some servers
-Table of servers in main menu didn't have a class set for theming
-Better support for using pidfiles. This is so LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't have to be used with Linux anymore and also allows the use of scripts to start up servers (as long as they write a pid file).
-If an IP has 5 failed consecutive login attempts to the FTP server, the IP is added to a ban list (ban.ini) and all future connection attempts are denied by the FTP server for that host.

To take advantage of the pid file stuff, please see the updated Game & Application Specific Notes section. We hope this makes it easier to setup and use the panel in Linux. Get in in the Downloads section.
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