Ultimate Gameserver Control Center (UGCC)

A buy one, get one free offer is being offered until 31 October 2020 to celebrate the auto installer milestone reached with UGCC 2.38!  To take advantage of the deal place your order as normal and we'll contact you after the order is completed to see if you'd like to double your license amount or double your license duration.  This is a manual process and will not be relfected in your cart.   Offer is valid for new and existing customers.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. Thanks again for your support!
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Ultimate Gameserver Control Center, or UGCC, is our web based game server control panel for managing multiplayer based game servers.  It is a game hosting panel targeted towards small game server providers (GSPs), clans and communities.  It allows your customers and/or community members to have complete management of their game servers.  UGCC is fully supported on both Windows and Linux.  Basic functionality is free while advanced features require the purchase of a very affordable yearly license.


  • No monthly fees
  • Resonable prices, basic features are even free
  • Community involvement
  • Backed by a company furthering it's development since 2008

Free Edition
The free version has a limited feature set, but is 100% free for both commercial and non-commercial use.  To make full use of the full feature set and ensure the maximum uptime of your servers you need a license.

Unlike other game hosting control panels, we do not charge a monthly fee for licenses.  A license for UGCC allows you to use the software indefinitely for the computer it was licensed for.  The license also allows you to upgrade the software free of charge for the yearly duration you select.  After the duration is over, UGCC is still fully operational, but you'll have to renew your license to use any updates released after your expiration date or to transfer licenses.  See the list below for quantity discounts.  Keep in mind the duration selected is taken into consideration for discounts.  For example purchasing 2 licenses with a duration of 5 years counts as 10 licenses and would net you a 15% discount.

QuantityDiscountPrice Each per Year
1No Discount$29.99
40+Contact Us

Renewal License Pricing
Users with a license should log into their customer portal account and renew your licenses from there as you will receive a substantial discount (25%) on renewal licenses.

Installation Service
If you'd like us to professionally install the panel for you, click the 'Installation Services' check box below.  We'll install UGCC, the monitor, and any remote nodes for you.  We'll ensure it works properly and will configure one game server for you.  Pricing for this option is $25 for the first computer and $10 for the remaining computers (Windows only).  Linux installations are charged by the hour; please contact us for a quote.

Include SourceRSC/CodRSC/HL1RSC License
These value added options allow you to use the purchased tools with the panel.  Allow your customers or clan/community members to update the fast download server automatically from within the control panel.  You receive a $20 discount when ordering them with the panel; normally they're $35 each!

If you have any questions please post in our Pre-Sales forum or contact us.

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