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UnrealRSC is an easy to use tool that aids in keeping your redirect server synched with your UT3 server. With one click UnrealRSC will compress the custom content on your game server and place it on your redirect.  Supports game/redirect servers accessible over FTP as well as servers on the same PC the tool runs on.  Preconfigured to work with the redirect service.

Runs on Windows and Linux.  Please see the readme for Linux directions.  Currently only supports Unreal Tournament 3.  Please see our other tool, RSC, if you need to support older unreal engines.

A must have tool for any UT Admin!
Redirect Server Checker (RSC) is an easy to use tool that aids in keeping your redirects synched with your game servers. With as little as two clicks you can update your redirect to match your game server.

Unreal Tournament
Unreal Tournament 2003
Unreal Tournament 2004
Unreal 2 Expand Multiplayer (XMP)
Other Unreal Engine Based games
(If you need Unreal Tournament 3 (UT3) support, please see our UnrealRSC product)

In order to use RSC you'll need:
FTP, or Local Access to your game server
FTP, HTTP listing, or Local Access to your redirect server

Other RSC features:
Cache Converter
UMOD installer
Compress/decompress files
Generate antitcc and utsecure checks
Ignores original game content
Many more

A must have tool for any UT Admin!
Previous version of RSC.