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We, Brainless Technologies Ltd., are gamers whom make tools for admins in hopes of making game server hosting easier; so you have more time to do what you really enjoy: gaming!  Be sure to check our Game Server Control and Hosting Panel, UGCC, as well as our other various free tools we offer for game server administration.

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UGCC - Now 100% free

Jun 19, 2022

Our Game Server Hosting and Control Panel, UGCC is now free and we're working on releasing source. Version 2.60 was just uploaded that no longer requires licenses.

UGCC - Server move support

July 25, 2021

Our Game Server Control Panel, UGCC, now has the capability to move game servers between different nodes.

UGCC - Mod installer added

Feb 9, 2021

UGCC now includes a tool for installing and updating Steam workshop mods. Allow your customers and guild mates to easily add and remove mods on their game servers! More information is available in the documentation area.

UGCC - Automated game installation

Nov 24, 2020

UGCC now includes automatic game server installation and billing integration with WHMCS.

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Our game server management and hosting control panel for managing multiplayer video games.  Get started right now for free with our easy to use installers for Linux and Windows.

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Take the hassle out of fast download management with this automated tool that keeps your fast download servers in sync with your game servers.

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